About Philadelphia's 9th Street Italian Market

9th StreetWelcome to Philadelphia’s Italian market, the oldest and largest working outdoor market in the United States. Still predominantly Italian it has the best of many cultures and cuisines to offer the shoppers. Gourmet cooks and tourist alike can explore and discover the depth and breath of the multitude of products available here.

For those who care to look deeper than the rustic appearance, they can almost see back in time and live the immigrant experience. The Italian market has not changed in our 100 years. Many of the sights, sounds and smells are the same as they were three generations ago. We would like to invite you to get to know us, and meet the many characters that make the Italian market the unique experience it is.

As far as a food supplier, we have most products available on the market. If something isn’t stocked most merchants are willing to order it special for you, service is very important to us. With over 100 merchants on the market each store can stock more varieties of a product than any other shop.
   We haven’t one cheese department; we have four stores that exclusively sell cheese in every variety imaginable. We have seven meat markets selling the best available, from real prime cuts to a full line of game meats.  There are four fish merchants each with there own assortment of fish and shellfish that they specialize in.

There are two different pasta manufacturers making and selling a complete line of fresh and frozen pasta. Poultry stores, we have four, one even has live fresh killed poultry. Cookware is available at three shops, two specializing in bargain pots and pans, and one that has the most complete selection of fine cookware and cooking related merchandize to be found anywhere. And we also have over 40 different produce vendors at their curbside stands, selling local and even international produce. We have everything from Jersey tomatoes to charcots verts from France, even Italian truffles.

There are two bakeries for pastries, one specializing in Italian cannolies and cream cakes, the other a full line of Amish and American baked cakes.

For bread we have two bakery’s manufacturing Italian and ethnic breads right on the market, the quality of which makes you think you’re in Italy.

For spices we have three spice houses with hundreds of kinds of herbs and condiments not to mention blends found around the world.

For coffee and tea we have four purveyors with every imaginable variety available waiting for you to choose from. You can even sample them at two of the purveyor cafes and also enjoy a pastry or two while leisurely enjoying the sights.

Much more than only food vendors, we have shops for lingerie and foundations, a jewelry shop, two pharmacies, two antique shops that sell collectibles, dry goods vendors, food service and wholesale paper goods as well as sporting goods and custom made t-shirts and hats. Even a linen shop for hand-made lace, there are discount clothing shops, and luggage and shoes for sale.

The Italian market is a place to experience and discover. You can explore the sights and cultures mingling in a medieval bazaar atmosphere. You can find little pieces of Italy where you can spend the day enjoying the taste treats available at the many take out food purveyors, many of which developed specialties known the world over as the taste of Philadelphia. We are where the cheesesteak and one of the first soft pretzel factories began and are still in operation today.
   We have two café’s to sip and enjoy a cappuccino or light entree prepared and blended with a knowledge of Italian, Spanish and French cuisine. There are five home-style luncheonettes serving traditional Italian fare as well as novel dishes created for up scaled diners.
   For Philly cheesesteaks we have two of the largest shops in Philadelphia, one of which created it as well as four others who have their own approach to it.
   There are two delis specializing in a wide assortment of hoagies tailored to your individual tastes. For pizza we have two shops where you can enjoy authentic Neapolitan pie as good as any in Italy. One just won the ‘best of Philly award’. We have a chicken fast food shop where you can get Buffalo wings to chicken steak sandwiches prepared while you wait seated and enjoying the sights.  For seafood we have two stores serving everything from clams and mussels to crabs and seafood pasta, cooked with the love and attention of an Italian home using the best the market has to offer.  These are only some of the taste treats waiting to be sampled and enjoyed.   When it comes to fine dining we have some of the best Italian restaurants to be found in Philadelphia within two blocks of the market, each specializing in as many different authentic regional cuisine’s as there are in Italy,  Please see our directory for a much more involved description of each individual facet of the gem we call the Philadelphia Italian Market.

Remember this is still a neighborhood where people live and are proud to be a part of South Philadelphia and the Italian legacy that has been a way of life for over a hundred years. It’s a safe place to visit because we live and work here; our children grow up here. It’s probably much safer than most other shopping areas because we look out for each other, because it’s a community.

As for parking we have seven parking lots, three municipal and four fee-for-parking lots so reasonable it’s the best bargain in Philadelphia.

See our directory for locations and maps of where they are.  With all of this is there any wonder that the Italian market has 15 ‘Best of Philly’ awards winners, located right on it, waiting to serve you.

Please come in person to experience the unique treasure called the Philadelphia Italian Market.